Diego Dolcini's shoes represent dreams and emotions, a perfect complement to the feminine beauty that they enhance and accompany. They know how to make themselves desired, and this is why they are to be found in the closets of top ranking stars such as Julia Roberts (who has many pairs and has worn them for the Oscars), Mariah Carey (who is a true collector of Diego's creations), Madonna (who said on a TV talk show that the Dolcini shoes she was wearing were the only items she "had paid for"), was photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for her "CD Music" wearing the designer's shoes.

Diego Dolcini's shoes have been worn also by Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Naomi Campbell, Fergie, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek (who wore them for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's wedding). Among Italian actresses Dolcini shoes are seductive on the feet of Maria Grazia Cucinotta (the boots she wore for the James Bond "007, the world is not enough" carry the stylist's brand), Monica Bellucci, Francesca Neri, Eva Robin’s and many other famous friends.

Diego Dolcini designs shoes, but this is an understatement and does not do justice to his unique creations. Perfect equilibrium of shape transforms them into authentic sculptures, objects of desire to be worn always, perfectly balanced whatever the height of their heels, essential lines produced in selected and precious materials. His shoes are a fetish; they enchant the most beautiful women in the world, send a quiver through those who wear them and stimulate the fantasy of those who look at them. Shoes that are not only to be worn but are collectors' items; timeless, designed for an intense and multifaceted lifestyle. Shoes that are created from strong ideas and deep sensations, inspired by costume and design combining to produce a once-only, unrepeatable event; they blossom into objects that are on the borderline of art, and animate the unique moments of every day life.

Diego Dolcini's collection derives not only from fashion trends, but is by inspired by theatre and cinema, by the shapes and lines of architecture and design; an inspiration that is experienced and filtered through the cosmopolitan approach that he absorbs during his travels. Shoes that are made in limited numbers, they possess a strong and well-defined character, are the accompaniment to special haute couture creations that call for intimate surroundings to provide a sensation of perfect rarity to these sophisticated accessories.This is the deepest meaning of Diego Dolcini's creations: fantastic manifestations suspended between the ability of the artisan and the most innovative technologies so that the foot has its equilibrium, heels are balanced, and the shape is natural. In 2018 to mark his 25 years in the business, Diego Dolcini has created 15 limited edition shoes with luxury glass maker Baccarat. Named Crystal Couture, they were unveiled on July 1st during a party at the house’s glamorous ballroom on the first day of Paris Couture Week.